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We are accredited by the following organisations. We have numerous farming partners supplying ‘Red Tractor’ British poultry, with full traceability including HACCP. We are also able to offer EU poultry portions if required, being processed at a dedicated site.


Each of our partners are audited by ourselves and are also subject to independent and regular audits so that we can ensure animal welfare and food safety.

British Red Tractor

Red Tractor is a food assurance scheme which covers production standards developed by experts on safety, hygiene, animal welfare and the environment amongst other things. The Red Tractor logo on pack means your food or drink has met these responsible production standards and is fully traceable back to independently inspected farms in the UK.


BRC is a leading safety and quality certification program, used by over 21 000 certificated suppliers in 90 countries. The standards guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer. BRC global standards are now often a fundamental requirement of leading retailers.

SAi Global


SAi Global is the premier third party independent inspection and certification service, providing retailers, manufacturers, farmers and caterers, throughout the world. With expert inspection and certification of their operations to ensure that only the highest standards are maintained.


Salisbury Poultry are delighted to confirm that we have been awarded A + accreditation against the Sai Global BRC standards. Sai Global also inspect against various industry quality assurance schemes, covering an extensive range of products.

Universal Halal Agency

The Universal Halal Agency Ltd., UHA is a responsible organisation that is widely experienced and resourced with expertise and qualified staff to carry out professional audit of any food produced or manufactured for Halal market in the UK and overseas. You can be confident that the producers market genuine and sustainable Halal products with full assurances and post certification service which is available to them and the customers. The UHA conducts research and review standards in the industry and liaise with top Muslim scholars to ensure religious compliance at all times.

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