“From Local Butcher to over 600 employees”

After leaving School, Raj Mehta, founder and MD, trained as a Butcher on a local market stall selling poultry products in Bilston, West Midlands.

His vision was to build a future that could sustain himself and his family. In 1989, Salisbury Poultry was formed and since its beginnings has achieved sustainable organic growth.

The business continues to grow with investing in its employees, plant and equipment and its infrastructure.

Embracing technology and innovation has allowed Salisbury Poultry to continuously produce quality products whilst gaining new customers and exceeding our existing customer’s expectations.

Salisbury Poultry remains a family-owned business where the original founder Raj Mehta still retains a significant role in business. The second generation Haresh, Ricky and Kieran Mehta have significant roles in the business and have established themselves and play a key role to the management and strategies of the business.