“What makes Salisbury Poultry?”

Our Values


Our unique selling proposition is hand deboning offering the finest products from accredited sources.


Hard Work
A key component of our Company DNA and all those involved.


All staff work together towards our common goals to ensure both quality products and first-class customer service.


Can Do” Attitude
Always seeking to fulfill customer requirements even at short notice.


Family Values
Although our turnover exceeds £115m we remain true to our origins, grounded and loyal to all who have made Salisbury Poultry the Company it is today.


Salisbury Poultry knows that good reputations are difficult to earn but, also, that they are very easy to lose. We recognize the old adage that you are only seen to be as good as your last delivery! We are proud of our status and reputation gained with our customers and within the poultry industry.

Customers expect “a right every time” service and a “yes we can” response to their demands. Salisbury’s customer care policy is to meet these requirements and build beneficial and rewarding supply chain partnerships with their customers.

    We believe that the Customer is the lifeline of the business