Health & Safety

“Our Aim – One Culture – Target Zero”

At Salisbury Poultry, we do not compromise when it comes to Health & Safety. Our aim is to be one of the recognised leaders in Health & Safety in our sector. Everything we do depends on the safety of our operations, our workforce and the communities around us. We strive to create and maintain a safe operating culture, putting safety front and centre of everything we do.

We strive to achieve this through a range of communications programmes and targeted training initiatives in order to achieve our ultimate Target Zero goal: zero accidents and zero ill health caused by work.

We are proud of our strong safety record but we know maintaining this requires constant vigilance. We continually seek new ways to improve our performance and to this end, we are committed to working towards improving our Health & Safety Management System and are seeking to apply for BSOHSAS 18001 in the future.

Staff involvement at all levels is key to achieving a pro-active health & safety culture and through the introduction of a Staff Forum and TV Communications Board our workforce now has a medium to voice their concerns and work with us to implement a positive change towards safety at work.


A Proactive Approach

We undertake process safety reviews to identify hazards, assess risks and define risk reduction measures in order to prevent accidents from happening. We focus on managing the highest priority risks associated with our operations, targeting our efforts at keeping our employees, plant and products safe. Process safety is the application of good design and engineering principles, as well as robust operating and maintenance practices, to avoid accidents.

Our approach builds on our experience, including learning from incidents, operations audits, annual risk reviews and sharing lessons learned with our workforce.

Personal Safety

Each member of the workforce has an obligation and the authority to stop unsafe work. We provide our operations personnel with training on identifying hazards and addressing risks associated with tasks. Our operating management system guides our workers on staying safe in situations with the potential to cause most harm. Our rules for safety focus on areas such as knife use, working at height, lifting operations and driving safety. Creating the right safety culture at our sites is important. It takes strong leadership and an active commitment to safe operating from all members of the workforce. This has been achieved by focusing on good practice in contractor management, tightening up on adherence to general safety procedures, and a clear, consistent communication from management about the duty to stop unsafe work.

A Learning Organisation

We analyse performance data and learn from incidents to help us understand how well our systems are working, to aid in identifying early trends, and ultimately to achieve a better understanding of our key safety risks. This allows us to target our process safety improvement efforts appropriately.

Health & Wellbeing

As part of our risk reduction programme we aim to manage occupational risks and reduce exposure to hazardous substances. In 2012 we introduced an Occupational Health Programme by engaging the services of Telford Occupational Health Services Ltd.

In order to carry out health surveillance of our workforce. The programme has been a success with over 600 staff attending annual statutory health surveillance. The service has also had a secondary benefit, by enabling each individual to approach the onsite Occupational Nurse with any personal health issues in order to seek advice and where necessary action by us. This has resulted in a considerable drop in the number of lost days due to illness. So far as Hazardous substances are concerned we endeavor to reduce our dependence on hazardous chemicals and are continually looking at alternative methods of cleaning e.g. (OZO) while maintaining our high hygiene standards. We also work in partnership with our chemicals provider Holchem who provide a rigorous training programme in chemical safety for our employees.