Engaging with our Employees

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.

The importance of contributions from our employee cannot be over emphasised.

Without the full commitment of the employee, the operations of the Company together with profitability would suffer.

We seek to emphasise the priorities of the Company through engaging with our employees on a regular basis through media of TV with presentations from:

  • Human Resources
  • Production
  • Health and Safety
  • Technical

Our Staff Forum meets monthly and is chaired by our HR Manager. The format requires that 10 employees are in attendance at every meeting from various production departments. Every employee is given an opportunity to attend the meeting due to our rotation policy.

The employees are free to raise any issues and feedback from Staff Forum is brought to the attention of the Directors and acted upon. To date we have implemented numerous ideas from suggestions about production to improvements in staff facilities.

Through engaging in this way we ensure that we listen and act upon the feedback from our employees.