Fuelling success through People Engagement: Empowered minds, limitless Potential!

Salisbury Poultry thrives on the invaluable contributions from Our People, as their dedication and expertise drives our growth and success.

Our Staff Forum, chaired by our Head of People, convenes on a fortnightly basis, with attendance from a minimum of 10 team members representing diverse production departments. To ensure equal participation, we implement a rotation policy that offers more team members an opportunity to attend the meetings.

With freedom to provide feedback and suggest improvements, the Leadership team can take prompt action. To date, we have successfully implemented numerous ideas, ranging from production enhancements to staff facility improvements, all of which stem from valuable team member suggestions. By actively engaging in this process, we prioritise listening to and acting upon our People’s feedback.

Creative content designed in house, is used in various forms throughout the business to communicate business updates and newsletters which, ensure our team are up to date and in the know.

Engagement comes with Philanthropy too! Our team takes great pleasure in raising money for charity, a passion that aligns perfectly with the philanthropic beliefs of our family owners.

The People Team maintain an open-door policy, welcoming and encouraging all individuals to freely seek their guidance and support.

Engaging our Employees at a charity run
Engaging our employees
Engaging our employees