At Salisbury Poultry, we are thrilled to showcase our cutting-edge investments in automation alongside our exceptional team of experts.

These investments and dedicated team members allow us to offer a wide array of premium Primary, BBQ, and Breaded products to our esteemed customers.

Please feel free to contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Chicken Breast from Salisbury Poultry
Chicken Thigh Meat from Salisbury Poultry
Chicken Leg Portions from Salisbury Poultry
Chicken Wing Portions from Salisbury Poultry
Whole Chicken from Salisbury Poultry
Diced Chicken from Salisbury Poultry


Salisbury Poultry takes pride in producing hundreds of tonnes of poultry portions weekly, maintaining the highest quality standards while adhering to HACCP principles and BRCGS requirements.

We prioritise full traceability, ensuring our products can be traced from factory to farm and from farm to flock. All our chicken products are Red Tractor assured, guaranteeing 100% British sourcing.

With robust quality assurance processes, we ensure the highest product presentation and best-in-class specifications. Adhering to the Red Tractor Assurance scheme provides transparency in our production process, offering consumers confidence and trust in our traceability system throughout the food supply chain.