Environmentally Friendly

We are all aware of the importance of caring and looking after our environment. The environment needs to be protected at all avenues of our business. Our culture is to avoid sending waste to landfill and as much as possible to look at recycling and reducing our carbon footprint. At all times we are seeking to manage our business activities to minimise any effects on the environment.

As a result we are committed to green schemes and ideas put forward by our employees.


Energy is a critical resource but not limitless. We gauge the usage of energy and are actively seeking to reduce our use by becoming smarter. More efficient plant and machinery, LED lighting and sensors are examples of what we have introduced.
We have a continual investment program in the latest technology, equipment and insulation of our buildings.

Our site at Hare Street, Bilston has been completely refurbished with the latest refrigeration equipment.


The majority of our waste went to landfill due to resources not being in place. We have carried out a review of our waste streams with Grundons and as a result we have dedicated resources in place and are analysing/managing waste a lot better.

Over the next 12 months we will seek to reduce our waste going to landfill by 50% and with appropriate targets going forward. This is not impossible but more than possible with the help and support of our employees.


With the new arrangements in place we will be able to recycle:

  • Packaging
  • Plastic
  • Knives
  • Wellington boots

We are committed to looking at new innovations in packaging. Together with our customers we have reduced the size/weight of boxes.

With the majority of our customers we supply our products in 15 or 20kg returnable trays. The trays are washed and re-used. If any trays are found to be damaged they are removed from the system and sent to be recycled.

Carbon Footprint

We are committed to reduce the carbon footprint of our HGV’s. We are in phased plan of replacing our older HGV’s with new modern HGV’s that are more fuel efficient.

We are committed to our Environmental Management System (EMS) that is in place and will be seeking to apply for ISO14001.